Apocalyptic Memory Stick

If You could design an anti-concentration camp, how would it look like?

Some Distorted Moving Images

Can you compress the width and depth of the universe into the surface of a screen?

Contemporary Romantic Imagery

Could You draw yourself as an impenetrable disco ball?

Apocalyptic Self Image

Gaps and connections in between things are like unity without chronology.

The Wound

Describe briefly your discipline, medium and domain.

The Sodoku

Can You transform disgust into lust?

Amir Firdaus

Don't you wish your toilet was full, like me? Don't you?

Star Dust

Can You give me 7 common criteria for a good work of art and a good relationship?

Unreliable Measuring Instrument

In case of emergency, please take out your mirror and point it towards others. Optionally, wear ear protectors.


Is there a connection between cuteness, impotence and idealism?

M. Schumacher Sharing Autographs

Is sharing autographs a way to become a drawing?

Small Data Room

Time is a wall that keeps on getting smaller, or softer.


Can You massage a painting?

A Legitimate Interested in Obsolete Warfare

We explore the abstract minefields of serial photography.

Hans und Gretel's' Crumbs

Is your taste sometimes an obstacle?

Mass Teddybearification

Diamonds are made under pressure, how are You made?

Minimal Ascetic Dressed to the Max

Is there anything inhuman about our bodies?

Elimination Manager

Are You also afraid that someone will trample all the flowers?

The Connection Between Disorder & Order

Can You draw 1000 frustrated figures on a sheet of paper?

Printer Disguised as Obstretic chair

How can you deframe a frame without losing it's essence?

E. Greco

What is a server?

Cadmium Red Data Transfer

This morning, I’ve spread my legs for the stronghold that You are, my sweet ornamental cabin house.

Blue Matter

I am complete and soft, I am sky and water, I am a pillow.

The Talkative Organs

Which part of us is digital?


Zaag me in twee en proef een beetje blinkende, diepgroene duisternis. Blijf zagen.


Is there any evil element concealed in overexposure?

E. Hillesum

Does anyone or anything ever really coincide with what You imagine?

Your Heart Playing a Readymade

Do face masks have a similar ontological function as underwear?

Somebody Constantly Putting Clothes On and Off

What are the things you can't do with a ladder?

Drowning Person

Moving brush strokes perceive no difference in depth.

An Orange

Who came first, the inland or the abroad?

Natives on Buffalos Riding West-Flemish Fields at Night

If you could design new identity cards, how would they look like?

Madonna Lactans

Where does the Internet come from?

W. Benjamin

Could a piece of decomposing stew have a scattered perception?

Black Square