My paintings, drawings, prints, videos and projects 
explore frictions in between the virtual and the physical.

Pulsating like a miniaturist or copy machine
I try to exorcise the immense virtual with the confined physical 
and vice versa.

Soaked by speed, multiplicity and simultaneity 
I search for personal in depth connections.

The intensity of my brush strokes is direct 
like everyday experiences
while being incorporated in paintings that move slow 
like a life span and beyond.

Through complex and spontaneous processes of filtering
I try to welcome a concentrated diversity of situations and persons.

Comparable to a polyphonic pile of organic waste
I gradually accumulate and connect heterogeneous elements 
into a greater whole
where separate gestures and constellations decompose 
into new life forms.

I am interested in how this approach can distort and dismantle
the instant categorizing of life
and how it can facilitate space
where you can share, generate and degenerate
narratives and experiences.

+32 498 84 38 04